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Sign Up to perform every Sunday Night at 8pm PDT!

Get tickets to perform, or just enjoy the show!
It's free to sign up on

(Also we have our very own Sign Up page now!)


Feel Free to Reach Out

Text @ 415-748-5119

We also post the open mic sign-ups live on our  Facebook Group


This Zoom link will be the same every week so bookmark it and share it with your friends!

Virtual doors will open at 8pm and the Intro starts 5 mins after.

If you'd like to help support the performers you can Donate please..

America's premier Free Online Open Mic Comedy Show, where laughter meets convenience in our virtual comedy club! Every week, we bring you a diverse lineup of hilarious stand-up comedians from across the US, streaming live on Zoom straight to your living room. Whether you're a comedy enthusiast seeking entertainment or an aspiring comedian looking for exposure, our digital stage is the perfect platform. Experience the thrill of live performances, interact with comedians through our chat feature, and even showcase your own talents - all without leaving your couch. Join our growing online comedy scene and tune in for a night of non-stop laughs. Don't miss this revolutionary way to enjoy stand-up comedy - sign up now for our free virtual comedy show and be part of the hottest digital open mic in the nation!

Best of San Francisco Stand-Up Comedy
Virtual Open Mic


   Welcome to "Virtual Open Mic" - also affectionately known as "Comedy Cluster F@#%!" - your weekly digital dive into uncharted comedic waters! This absolutely FREE Zoom-based laugh riot is brought to you by the sleep-deprived maniacs behind San Francisco's longest-running independent comedy show...

"The Best of San Francisco Stand Up Comedy."

   Every Sunday night, we unleash a barrage of raw, unfiltered comedy straight into your preferred screening device. From first-timers nervously clutching their notes to seasoned pros testing new material, you'll witness the beautiful chaos of live comedy from the comfort of your couch. Watch as comics battle unstable internet connections, unexpected background noises, and the ever-present threat of forgetting to unmute. It's like Russian Roulette, but with punchlines! (also some bombers, and random sound effects). So grab a drink, silence your pets, and join us for a night where anything can happen - and usually does. Remember, in the world of virtual open mics, we're all just one technical glitch away from accidental brilliance.


Click the link below for more info or tickets to our live stand-up comedy show in San Francisco!

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